Who We Are

The Heart of Georgia Masonry

Since June 14, 1905 the Masonic Home of Georgia has served over 2100 children in need from the State of Georgia. The Home is located on 650 acres in Macon, "the Heart of Georgia." The ideal location makes it easily accessible to all of Georgia. The Home is a nonprofit organization that is funded by the donations from generous private donors, Masons of Georgia and corporate sponsors.

The Home is a residential child care facility that provides basic care to children in need. Residential child care is defined as the appropriate placement of children whose care cannot be provided in their own home or for whom group care is a positive alternative.

Our Philosophy

Love, Security, Personal Growth and Achievement are the guiding principles at the Masonic Home of Georgia.

Our primary goal is to prepare children and families for reunification whenever possible. In other cases our aim is prepare children for independent living by providing a structured living environment where the children can learn responsibility for their actions and become resourceful so they can function in today's society.

Two residents of the masonic home of georgia smile while sharing a hug in front of our main building.