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Our Mission

We work to improve the lives of at-risk children and young adults from all walks of life.

Helping Communities by Helping Children

We have successfully helped thousands of children move beyond living circumstances to become positive, contributing members of their communities. We provide food, clothing, shelter, education and scholarships to assist families of every creed, race and religion, without discrimination. We conduct our work with compassion, dignity and excellence.

A Caring Space for Families in Need

The Masonic Home of Georgia is a basic residential childcare facility located in Macon, GA.

We provide the opportunity for a parent or legal guardian that is struggling a chance to give their child the opportunity for their dreams to become reality. The children that have participated in our program are given the structure to grow physically, mentally and spiritually so they can go onto lead fulfilling lives.

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A diverse group of children stand shoulder to shoulder grinning at the camera.

A Rich History of Success

Helping Children Since 1905

By providing a solid foundation that nourishes the well being of the whole child - spiritually, physically and mentally, they are given the tools to successfully navigate life to find direction and achieve their goals.

"My two younger sister and I entered the Masonic Home of Georgia in June, 1959, after our Mother passed away. Little did I know that was the beginning of a lifetime of family, friends and great memories."

-Brenda Lawless Brannon, Masonic Home of Georgia Alumni

How YOU Can Help!

1. Spread the Word!

If you know of a child or a family in need of help providing for their child(ren) - tell them about the Masonic Home of Georgia.

2. Make A Donation

The Masonic Home of Georgia is funded by the Masons of Georgia. When you make a Donation - you choose where you would like your Donation to go: Education, Operations, Goals Program, Endowment.

Each of our generous supporters helps us provide each child with a healthy start, protection from harm and the opportunity to grow. Together, we are transforming individual children's lives and the communities of the future.

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