Our History

On June 14, 1905; Superintendent A.S. Harris and the Home staff welcomed the first 14 guests to the Masonic Home. Initially the Home provided care for the elderly as well as children. However, Grand Lodge made the decision in 1912 to admit thereafter only children. The elderly already at the Home continued to live there and the last adult "Aunt Molly" passed away in 1945.

The State of Georgia is made up of 12 Masonic districts, each having a trustee representing the district. The Board of Trustees serves as the governing body of the Masonic Home and is responsible for the overall operation of the Home. The main thrust of the board over the years has been to operate a home and not an institution.

A black and white photo showing the facade of the Masonic Home of Georgia.

Our Founder: Grand Master Max Meyerhardt

If only one pure sweet girl be saved from degradation,
If only one boy be rescued from a life of crime,
If only one soul be saved for Humanity and God,
If but one tear dried, one sorrow comforted,
Will not even this be sufficient to reward us all for all toils and struggles.

It was Grand Master Max Meyerhardt who said these words as the cornerstone to the Masonic Home was laid on October 27, 1903. Along with other individuals, Max Meyerhardt played an important role in the Masonic Home of Georgia becoming a reality. Senator Augustus O. Bacon donated 100 acres for the Home's location on the East side of the Ocmulgee River. The site included a beautiful knoll, which enabled the future building to have a panoramic view of the property as well as the river.

An antique photo portrait of Grand Master Max Mayerhardt.