Driver / Relief Houseparent

Full-time driver and relief houseparent needed.

Driver / Relief Houseparent Job Details

This full time position will encompass working a 6 days on (3 days as a driver and 3 days as a relief to main houseparent) / 3 days off schedule. A one bedroom apartment is provided. Health Insurance is provided 100%, a matching (3%) 401(k), 6 weeks paid vacation (occurs during children’s long breaks).

Key Responsibilities:

We are looking for an individual to be a positive role model to the children in our care.

  • Driver - for the 3 days as a driver your main responsibility will be driving the children to school, appointments, extra-curricular activities, etc... so the Main Houseparent can be in the cottage with the children. When not driving assisting Main Houseparent in the hall.
  • Relief Houseparent - following the daily routine established by the Main Houseparent so there is a flow of consistency while they are off duty.
  • Team Orientated - will work with (on a daily basis) other Houseparents, a Social Worker, Director of Social Services, Education Director and Director of Home Life so that we can provide what is needed for each child in the Cottage.

Job Requirements:

We are looking for someone who has experience in working with children in a residential setting.

  1. 21 or Older
  2. NO Criminal Record
  3. Clean Driving Record
  4. High School Diploma or GED