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Upcoming Events

November 5
Dallas # 182
Cookout at the Home

November 6
Rising Sun # 32
Peanut Boil at the Home

November 12
Norcross # 228
Christmas Party at the Home

November 13
Benevolent # 3
Picnic at GMC

November 18 - 27
Thanksgiving Break

Alumni Day

Our Alumni Day will be May 21, 2017. We hope all residents that have lived here in the past will come “Home” on this date.

For More Information: Contact
Brenda Brannon
Summer Camp

Dates will be set in January.

If your lodge is interested in doing a function with the children while they are at Camp contact
Chris Babcock

Camp Workday at Shellman Bluff will be
March 3 & 4, 2017

Workday at The Home
will be April 8, 2017. If your lodge is interested in doing a Special Project
John Snipes

Special Projects